Only10 steps are needed to create an Undostrial frame.

S T E P  1

— Metal cut out detaching

Shapes are detached
from a 0,5 mm sheet of cut out
Swedish surgical stainless steel.

S T E P  2

— Metal brushing and grinding

Each metal frame is brushed
in order to erase all asperities
and get a perfect finish.


S T E P  3

— Nylon fasteners bending

Nylon fasteners are bended while a nylon string is passing
underneath to hold the lenses.


S T E P  4

— Pads bending

Nose pads are then bended.

Using our knowledge of technology and know how of luxury,
we transform raw sheets of surgical stainless steel into high end frames.




S T E P  5

— Lugs folding

Getting closer to the final shape
by folding the lugs.


S T E P  6

— Frame shaping

Several steps are needed before shaping
the frame thanks to precise gestures.


S T E P  7

— Temples tips shaping

The frame is coming to life
by shaping the temple tips.

S T E P  8

— Temples mounting

Mounting of the temples
can be made easily. All temples are adjustable at the pin and nose.

Our main goal is to create products that are as light and flexible
as esthetically endearing and comfortable to wear.



S T E P  9

— Gazing + nylon

Lenses are clipped to the frame
and come in different shapes, increasing the possibilities of eyewear combination.


S T E P  10

— Packaging

The frame is folded by crossing temples, thanks to the elasticity of the steel shape memory. Temples are profiled in such a way to keep the frame self locked in the closed position. Each frame is then packed in its Egg package.